SameTime Gallery curated by Simon Speiser


This is another contribution by a good friend of mine. Adi Dahan comes from Israel, we once worked together on a project in Stuttgart, this time she put together this show called aquariums.

















Adi Dahan, Flyer, SameTime Gallery,








    Thomas Schütte Head Wicht (2006)
Palazzo Grassi, Venice, Italy.
  Documentation from the Institute of Archaeology exhibition, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, january 2012. from the Hegel House Museum, Stuttgart, Germany.   Elaine Sturtevant, detail from Duchamp 1200 Coal Bags (1973-1992)
Palazzo Grassi, Venice, Italy.
  Photo from the book In Memory by Omer Fast, part from Gideon Lewis-Kraus article Infinity Jetzt. A slide from Ora Hanegbi's archaeology slides collection, view from a mini slide-viewer. Adi Dahan, Aquarium, 2010. Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.   Thomas Schütte, Good and Bad, 2009