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#3 Looking for an Image

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Unfortunately it won't be possible to show the opening video for this exhibition online.

I hope you'll have the possibility to see the real piece in a physical exhibition, or you've maybe

been lucky already and saw it somewhere, then you can close your eyes now and remember it.



Martin Kohout, sametime-gallery


Maya Schweizer Clemence von Wedemeyer, metropolis, sametime-gallery


Karthik Pandian und Mathias Poledna, 1991, sametime-gallery, Generali faundation


    Julien Crepieux "In folio" 2010   sheet from a fashion magazin   Gillaume Maraud "selected angles"   Martin Kohout       Maya Schweizer und Clemence von Wedemeyer   Karthik Pandian und Mathias Poledna "1991" 2010   Manuel Scheiwiller "manus ero mag 6"